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Sergey Shkundaleu

is entrepreneur and technologist who is passionate about software development over all and mobile and web applications in particular. Owner, founder and CEO of IonTec Software company which is aiming to help developers with their day to day needs.

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Skills for the workforce of the future.


In today’s world, we use a lot of software, whether that's small apps on our smartphone or an enterprise level applications we work with on a daily basis. Upon every usage, a person will find ...

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IonTec Software LLC At Your Service

Software development company which mission is to build useful tools for software developers to improve their productivity. Tools are build by developers for developers. At it's core highly experienced people who previously team up on various projects developing web applications and applications for handled devices.


Get access to any issue tracker on your mobile device. Work in progress by IonTec Software.

Web Applications

Projects build by a team who formed the core of IonTec Software!

Mobile Applications

Something we currently working on!

Desktop Applications

Most sufficient tools are still run on desktop!

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